Digital Transformation of Health Services Provided by Medical Centers in Bulgaria


  • Lyudmila Mihaylova University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev"
  • Emil Papazov University of National and World Economy, Sofia
  • Lyudmil Andreev University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev"


Purpose of the article. The purpose of this paper is to shed light on some digitized health services offered to the clients by and excerpt of medical centers in Bulgaria, to determine the stage of digitalization of these services, and to consider potential challenges medical centers face while managing their activity in a dynamic business environment.

Methodology/methods. The research is based on the analysis of scholarly literature, comparison of medical centers’ data and the information included in the official websites of those organizations. Quantitative analysis based on structured interviews has been made to obtain empirical data. In total, 10 completed interviews and 20 expert assessments has been compiled. The empirical data was processed and analyzed using the Microsoft Office Excel software.

Scientific aim. The scientific aim of the paper is to determine significant aspects connected with the digitization and development of small enterprises like medical centers in Bulgaria. The current study analyzes briefly the necessity of a strategic adaptation to the digital transformation of a business.

Findings. Based on this research, challenges and important issues that medical centers may face planning and realizing digital solutions have been outlined. The impact of the digital transformation on business is concerned with reducing costs and time to complete management tasks. In addition, supporting informed management decision making in medical centers is reported to be very important. Other essential aspects connected with digitization are creating a favorable team environment in the organization, as well as assuring accuracy and prevention of errors while performing basic activities.

Conclusions. The presented results are related to the two research questions: the need for strategic adaptation to the digital transformation of business and outlining aspects of the digital transformation on the development of small and medium-sized organizations like medical centers. Medical centers have realized the need of digitization, but this requires strategic concern because the time horizon for revision of the managerial vision for strategic development and digitalization shrinks down to about five years. Based on the investigation, it can be concluded that the digital strategy of the organization is associated with the choice of digital technologies in which to invest effectively, considering the so-called “digital maturity” and the size of the organization.

Keywords: business development, health services, digitization & strategy

JEL Classification:  M15, M21






Section 2: Perspectives of Law