Innovation in Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Jana Kajanova slovak


Purpose of the article The university education system has changed as a result of the abolition of classical full-time teaching. Students and teachers moved to online space and classical methods were not suitable for online education. This created a space for innovation, where it was necessary to ensure adequate, high-quality, and equivalent teaching in comparison with full-time teaching. New platforms, tools used in education, teaching and testing systems were applied to teaching relatively quickly to ensure education in such a form as before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Methodology/methods The basic scientific methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison, deduction, mathematical-statistical methods were used in the processing of the paper. Based on the acquired knowledge, we generalize information and provide conclusions usable for education at universities with an orientation to business and management.

Scientific aim The aim of this paper is to present innovation in education that were applied at the Faculty of Management, analyze their introduction into teaching, identify their positives and negatives and create recommendations for education at universities.

Findings The use of new platforms, the offer of recorded lectures and extended materials for individual education and the subsequent possibility of online consultations proved to be the best solution for ensuring the quality of education. However, we still identified insufficient contact “student vs. teacher ”, which cannot be eliminated by a larger number of students in online groups.

Conclusions The success of the transition from full-time to online education is a key topic in scientific research, as the COVID-19 pandemic period continues. Uncertainty about what form of education teachers will continue in the coming period is one of the factors influencing the development of modern approaches used in university education, preparing teachers for teaching processes and creating materials that will enable students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and knowledge, and experience.






Universities in Digital Transformation