Design-based Thinking Method in Business Management


  • Daiva Zostautiene KTU


Purpose of the article Rapid technological development, geographically unrestricted markets, offer customers great opportunities to meet their needs when choosing and purchasing products or services, and companies need to use new and creative methods such as design-based thinking to identify consumer expectations and create a product or service that meets consumer needs. meeting the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

Methodology/methods The methods of analysis and summarization of the scientific literature used in the preparation of the article revealed that design-based thinking can help to create added value by using the company's available resources and improving existing processes at all levels of the company.

Scientific aim The aim of the article is to reveal the concept of design-based thinking and its application in business management.

Findings The main findings are related with a new idea how to create a competitive advantage and help solve business model challenges using non-traditional solutions.

Conclusions (limits, implications etc) The application of design-based thinking is not limited only in the business environment as it can be used for improving the educational process which can benefit from integrating new and inclusive didactic methods and develop learners' critical thinking, creativity, cooperation, decision-making, etc.

Keywords: (5-10 words) design-based thinking, business management, competitive advantage.

JEL Classification:  M30, M31







Section 2: Perspectives of Law